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Modern Theatre in Context: A Critical Timeline

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Bertram Brooker edits the Yearbook of the Arts in Canada 1936. In his introduction "Art and Society," Brooker argues that "The artist's business is not to do, but to see--and reveal what he has seen. And even in what he sees and reveals there is rarely any concern with things to be done! In Aristotle's phrase, he is concerned with things as they might be. He may envisage a new civilization; but not the way to get to it. That is a job for another type of man. That is work. And the artist who turns from seeing to doing--who tries to change his nature and make himself useful--loses his excuse for existence, forsakes his real function and withholds the value of the artist's true contribution to society." But other contributors to the Yearbook such as Sir Ernest MacMillan and William Arthur Deacon, literary editor of the Globe and Mail, make detailed suggestions about how the creation and enjoyment of the arts in Canada could be improved through government support of art and culture.

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