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The original Drupal 5 Artmob modules are available for download from GitHub. Please visit:

Artmob on GitHub Digital Archive

Artmob also hosts, an initiative created by Dr. Christopher Innes, Distinguished Research Professor and York University Research Chair. The website documents various aspects of modern drama and disseminates material and results of performance research. Modern Theatre in Context is a multimedia chronology of Canadian drama and British-Irish-American drama from 1865 to the present. This also includes listings of major political events and scientific advances during each year. Available to the general public, this has proved particularly valuable for high school and university students and has been adopted as a teaching tool by the National Theatre School in Ottawa. This aspect also corresponds to the testing of copyright limits in the Artmob research, since the database entries are each illustrated by a photo or other visual documentation, many of which are still under copyright. also incorporates a digital archive of digital image, video, and audio materials relating to the study of performance and culture, with a particular focus on street theatre, the carnival arts, VR reconstructions of theatre, and theatre design, including masks and stage design. The digital archive is currently being redeveloped for relaunch on the Islandora platform

. Toronto Pride Parade PerformanceCaribana Performer


Canadian Writers in Person Reading Series Digital Archive (York University) 

Canadian Writers in Person is a reading series at York University that features contemporary writers from diverse backgrounds, regions, and genres. Though it is also an English course for undergraduate students, all readings are free and open to the public. The Canadian Writers in Person is currently being redeveloped for relaunch on the Islandora platform.

CWIP-Home     CWIP-Barfoot  Digital Archive is a digital archive named after the late Canadian poet bpNichol. The website was originally launched as an Artmob pilot project in 2008 in consultation with Ellie Nichole to provide free public access to primary source material written or published by bpNichol. The digital archive includes poetry books, anthologies, and chapbooks, as well as novels, essays, photographs, videos, audio recordings, and more. The digital archive is now curated and maintained by Gregory Betts with support from Coach House Books and Brock University.

bpNichol Digital Archive - Home PageFred Wah Digital Archive - Digitized WorksbpNichol - Australopithecus Score



Fred Wah Digital Archive

The Fred Wah Digital Archive was an original Artmob pilot project, serving as a bibliography and repository of the works of Canadian writer and poet Fred Wah. It is housed in both digital and analogue forms at Simon Fraser University

. Fred Wah - Rooftops

Banyan Digital Archive

The Banyan Digital Archive was the product of a collaboration between Christopher Laird, of Banyan Limited and Gayelle Television of Trinidad and Tobago, and Professor Christopher Innes, York University. Artmob infrastructure was employed to provide online access to the large number of legacy video tapes that were captured, processed, and digitized in our digitization lab. The digitally converted materials are now housed in the DSpace digital repository at the University of West Indies archive.

The Scream Literary Festival Digital Archive

The Scream had its origins in 1993 as an annual single night of readings at the Canadian Stage Company’s High Park amphitheatre. It grew to comprise two weeks of readings, performance, and art shows and its peak, the main stage event alone regularly drew 700-1200 people, and showcased some of the finest writers in the country. Artmob supported the development of a pilot digital archive for the The Scream Literary Festival with digitization, hosting, and the development of a digital archive incorporating extensive audio, video, and still image archives of their events

The Scream Digital Archive - Home Page     The Scream Digital Archive - Audio     Scream in Hight Park - 2001 Graphic